A Discussion to Help Navigate Change Through Informed Legal Ops, Compliance, and IT Investments

Today’s business world is one of constant change, and the pace of that change is only accelerating. With the moves toward more virtual workforces, the broad adoption of cloud-based collaborative tools, and the enactment of more stringent regulations to ensure data privacy protection, the pace of change has been frantic. Can Legal and Compliance teams continue to drive operational transformations and improvements in this challenging and dynamic environment? In this round table discussion, our panelists present perspectives on how organizations can successfully navigate this time of unprecedented change through informed Legal Ops, Compliance, and IT investments.

Guest Panelists: Brad Rogers and Matthew Bernstein

Brad Rogers is COO and Chief of Staff at TIAA and will speak from the Legal Ops Perspective.

Matthew Bernstein is CEO of MC Bernstein Data and former Managing Director and Global Head of Information and Records Management at Deutsche Bank and will speak from the Operational Compliance Perspective.

Nyxeia Panelist: JD Sillion

JD Sillion is the CEO of Nyxeia, and an experienced executive in the information management space who will discuss the common thread binding Legal Ops enablement and operational compliance.

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